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November 13, 2005
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:: 2005 Christmas Project by briteddy :: 2005 Christmas Project by briteddy
      :holly::: Fella's Christmas Tree Project! :::holly:

:bulletred: Introducing Fella's Christmas Tree Project!
Fella needs some help decorating his Christmas tree this year! Due to recent ghostly events the majority of his ornaments are either now lost or broken and since he's so damn broke he can't afford to buy more. He definetly needs our help.

:bulletred: How to submit ornaments
  • Make a small, simple ornament no larger than 50 x 50 pixels

  • Make it whatever you want! Make it look like a traditional ornament or just anything you feel like represents dA to you or who you are as a member of this community.

  • Save it as a png if you know how, if you don't then jpeg will be fine. Just give it a plain colored background that will be easy for me to remove.

  • Upload your ornament to dA in our special section Current Events > Fella's Christmas Tree Project and leave a link here on this deviation so I can pick it up for you!

  • If you want you can use the Fella's Tree stamp!

:bulletred::bulletred: !!!IMPORTANT NOTE!!! :bulletred::bulletred:
By submitting your ornament to me, you are giving me permission to upload your material on the final presentation deviation to deviantART. If you are not willing to let me upload your ornament on the tree on Christmas, please do not submit your ornament.

:bulletred: My experiences from last year tell me to wait until the end to add the ornaments. The original is really huge so don't worry about there not being enough room for your ornament =P

:bulletred: Rules
  1. All material in your ornament must be original by you

  2. You may only submit one ornament

  3. Ornaments must be submited before December 25th


  5. Do your best and have fun!

About the art
Art =neoikeia - Fella is the creation of `switched and deviantART Inc. :: Do not copy or redistribute in any way shape or form

Please feel free to ask any questions!

Also if you have time I highly encourage you to participate in the deviantART Holiday Card Project, I'm making one for sure~
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ultimatePwnage Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007   Digital Artist
very cool. ||
cougar-ghi Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2007   Digital Artist
omg this is so great i love him sooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!!!*hugs the squishy little devCAT*
madmav Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
whens the final presentation lol?
briteddy Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's been uploaded for a long time, did you look for it? There was a news article and everything.
madmav Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006
haha..yea I've been away for ages and just forgot about it :P
looks awesome good job :)
madmav Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2006
never mind..i'm dumb :|
equilibrium3e Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2006   Digital Artist
erm.. the Christmas passed and i haven`t seen the tree
briteddy Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
did you try looking for it?
equilibrium3e Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2006   Digital Artist
i found it (and fave it), i thought that i will receive info about it at the news.
Pheonia-Serafial Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2006
So, when are we actually going to SEE these ornaments on the tree?
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